Our story, like a plant, starts with a seed. In this case, with a seed of creativity, introducing to the American Market for the first time in history, the concept of Smokable Hemp. That was the year 2014. That was in the beautiful State of Colorado, where our headquarters reside until today. Since then, we have diversified our vision in an effort to be not only the pioneers of hemp concepts and products but also the best in the category. After a few years of partnering with growers to offer the best smokable hemp in the market, we decided to enter into the unforgettable experience of farming ourselves. From seed to flower, or better said, the unimaginable journey of “from seed to smoke” which was transformative for both ourselves and our varieties. 
We decided to grow the plants as you would grow your own babies – with endless love and attention to detail (and as with babies, we didn’t sleep for many months). We used Rocky Mountain pure water, no herbicides and no pesticides, organic fertilizers and precise irrigation, to grow the most beautiful flower you’ve ever seen (if you want pictures – please email us!).
We developed our own manual process of drying and curing, preserving terpenes and establishing the foundation to our oils. Keeping your health in mind, we made the most courageous decision and possibly the craziest one we have made (so far): to produce, for you, our customer, the most sophisticated CBD oils, rubs, lotions, gummies and other products, with no chemical processing or industrial handling. Period.
You have probably heard about others using ethanol or CO2 to extract oils in large amounts from hemp flowers. We don’t. Think of us as the grandmother that would rather cook her own recipes, rather than allowing her grandchildren to eat at a restaurant. We are not claiming we are your grandmother, but we have the same ultimate promise for you: with Herbalites, you will find the most natural, healthy, exquisite, satisfying, recognizable and unforgettable experiences.